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Reports (writer)

·         Unlocking the Economic Potential of Digital Media: Exchange Program for Professional Fellows from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE – Final Report, September 2013-February 2015.  Report to the U.S. State Department for the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ).  71 pages.  May 2015.  http://bit.ly/1ALLEJc

·         Quarterly and annual reports and final report for project Building a Digital Gateway to Better Lives, 2013-2014. Final report: https://goo.gl/NxiHUj

·         MENAHRA–The Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association: Best practices in strengthening civil society’s role in delivering harm reduction services. Report for the World Health Organization/Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office. 36 pages. October 2012.  http://applications.emro.who.int/dsaf/EMRPUB_2012_879.pdf

·         Rapid Assessment of Local Journalists’ Capacity in Alexandria, Aswan, and Minya Governorates, December 23, 2008.  31-page report published in Management Systems International quarterly report to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).  http://bit.ly/MDPcapacity

·         Media Development Program Year Four Evaluation Report, September 30, 2010.  65-page report to USAID. http://bit.ly/MDPeval

·         “Program Impact” in Media Development Program Progress Report, February 2011.  Narrative of program trainees who became instrumental in Egypt’s democracy movement.  http://bit.ly/X8ezh9

·         Livelihood and Income from the Environment in Sinai: Final Project Report, April 2012.  36 pages. International Resources Group for USAID/Egypt: http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PA00HR6F.pdf

o   Brochure: http://goo.gl/hmGolj 

o   Success stories: https://goo.gl/JNkOQ8 and https://goo.gl/fnd1dA

o   Fact sheet: bit.ly/SinaiFactSheet

·         (Co-author with Joumana Hermez) “HIV stigma and discrimination in health care settings in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.” Accepted for the symposium “Family, the Millennium Development Goals and AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa region: Linkages, challenges and opportunities,” Doha, Qatar, hosted by the Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development, UNAIDS, and UNICEF, November 2011. https://www.academia.edu/1133749/HIV_stigma_and_discrimination_in_health_care_settings_in_the_Eastern_Mediterranean_Region

·         “Face to face with HIV stigma and discrimination in health care,” December 2011. Advocacy brochure addressing health care professionals distributed by the World Health Organization throughout its Eastern Mediterranean Region. http://www.emro.who.int/dsaf/EmroPub_2011_1288.pdf


Reports (editor)

·         Communication for Healthy Living: Final Report, Egypt 2003-2010 and annex, 241 pages, 2011. And second author.  Project close-out report to USAID.   http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/pdacx633.pdf

·         Applying the Workload Indicators of Staffing Need (WISN) Method in Practice: Case Study from Egypt, 17 pages.  Submission to World Health Organization for Health Systems 20/20 Project, Abt Associates Inc. (Abt), 2011. https://goo.gl/mpVs3M

·         The Regression Analysis Model for Administrative Staffing Requirements. 16 pages.  Report on innovative practice of estimating workforce requirements based on hospital workload. Submission to USAID for Health Systems 20/20 Project. 2011.  bit.ly/HealthWorkforce


Press releases (writer)

§  “‘Big Ideas’ Contest Goes Open-Source.” Newsletter article for USAID’s Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN). July 2014. http://bigideas.berkeley.edu/2014/07/21/big-ideas-contest-goes-open-source/

§  “Flowing from Water to Gender Equality.” Profile for HESN. November 2013.  https://news.mak.ac.ug/sites/default/files/downloads/HESN%20TechCon2013%20DIL%20Spotlight.pdf

§  “On a Higher Mission: University ‘Development Labs’ Accelerating to Answer World’s Toughest Challenges.” (Co-writer). Article in USAID newsletter FrontLines.  September/October 2013.  http://www.usaid.gov/news-information/frontlines/open-development-development-defense/higher-mission-university-

§  “Helping Bright Ideas Shine Through: A Spotlight on Brian Gitta, Makerere University.”  Profile for USAID Higher Education Solutions Network, published on USAID website, December 9, 2013, https://blog.usaid.gov/2013/12/helping-bright-ideas-shine-through-spotlight-brian-gitta-makerere-university-uganda-resilientafrica-network-3  and website of Makerere University, Uganda, https://news.mak.ac.ug/sites/default/files/downloads/HESN%20TechCon2013%20RAN%20Spotlight.pdf

§  “Finding Fertile Ground for Tech on the Farm: A Spotlight on Charles Steinfield, Michigan State University.” Profile for USAID’s Higher Education Solutions Network. Fall 2013.  https://news.mak.ac.ug/sites/default/files/downloads/HESN%20TechCon2013%20MSU%20Spotlight.pdf

§  “Visualizing Better Nutrition: A Spotlight on Chris Bielecki, Texas A&M University.” Profile for USAID’s Higher Education Solutions Network. Fall 2013.  https://news.mak.ac.ug/sites/default/files/downloads/HESN%20TechCon2013%20TAMU%20Spotlight.pdf

§  “An Enterprising Approach to Funding Health for the World’s Poor: A Spotlight on Liz Charles, Duke University.” Profile for USAID’s Higher Education Solutions Network. Fall 2013.  https://news.mak.ac.ug/sites/default/files/downloads/HESN%20TechCon2013%20Duke%20Spotlight.pdf

§  “Egabi Solutions empowers inspectors with mobile/online violation-reporting system.”  Press release for technology firm Egabi Solutions.  April 2012.  http://goo.gl/AcRn5

§  “National Health Accounts Findings Open Health Financing Dialogue in Egypt.”  Web article for Health Systems 20/20 Egypt project.  July 2011. http://bit.ly/NationalHealthAccounts

§  “Casting a bright light on breast cancer: Race at Pyramids culminates U.S./Egypt awareness efforts.” Press release for USAID/Johns Hopkins/Komen for the Cure. October 2009.  http://goo.gl/eOWTuN

§  “Doctors Against FGC initiative launched in Egypt.”  Press release for Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs/USAID.  May 4, 2009.  https://goo.gl/dKcxRE

§  “Governor, Legislature Can Quickly Find Common Ground: The Freedom to Breathe Act.”    Press release for the Minnesota Smoke-Free Coalition and Freedom to Breathe Campaign.  Nov. 9, 2006.  http://goo.gl/5XHtRd

§  “Surgeon General’s Report Proves a Statewide Smoke-Free Policy is Long Overdue.”  Press release for the Minnesota Smoke-Free Coalition and Freedom to Breathe Campaign.  June 27, 2006.  http://prn.to/ZXPIRO

§  “Speech by Ambassador David Welch: Completion of the Cairo Air Improvement Project.”  Speech for USAID/Egypt delivered by U.S. Ambassador to Egypt.  March 24, 2004.  http://bit.ly/159E70C

§  “U.S. support to Egypt’s Telecommunications Sector.”  Fact sheet distributed by USAID/Egypt.  December 2003. http://goo.gl/U2rDfO

§  “USAID Supports ‘Environment 2003’ Conference.”  Press release on USAID/Egypt web site.  September 30, 2003.  http://bit.ly/11qyM42

§  “USAID, Egyptian Bank Create Major ‘Green Loan’ Fund.”  Press release on USAID/Egypt web site.  September 25, 2003.  http://bit.ly/11Eyky2

§  “U.S., Egypt Put Hazardous Waste Management in Action.”  Press release on USAID/Egypt web site.   July 14, 2003.  http://bit.ly/11RosoO

§  “U.S. Helps 10th of Ramadan Improve Environment Practices.”  Press release on USAID/Egypt web site.  June 27, 2003.  http://bit.ly/1ahMvAJ

§  “Ambassador's Speech at Sustainable Tourism Egypt 2003 Conference.”  Speech for USAID/Egypt delivered by U.S. Ambassador to Egypt.  May 27, 2003.  http://bit.ly/124q0aC


Magazine articles (writer)

§   “Country Profile – France,” July 2002, Business Today Egypthttp://bit.ly/2FXdI0m

§  “Country Profile – South Korea,” June 2002, Business Today Egypthttp://bit.ly/2FPhkp3

§  “Country Profile – Netherlands,” May 2002, Business Today Egypthttp://bit.ly/2psxObG  

§  “Country Profile – United States,” April 2002, Business Today Egypthttp://bit.ly/2IFvc37

§  “Country Profile – Spain: Jockeying For Market Share,” March 2002, Business Today Egypthttp://bit.ly/2HTvAtt

§  “Country Profile: Germany,” February 2002, Business Today Egypthttp://bit.ly/2HUfm3E

§  “Basking in the Sun and Wind? Experts say renewable energy is perfect for Egypt’s remote areas, but the government appears less than enthused,” May 2002, Business Today Egypthttp://bit.ly/2pssMNm

§   “Understanding the WTO’s Doha Ministerial,” December 2001, Business Today Egypthttp://bit.ly/2HTJ3ll

§  “In Cairo as NYC Burned,” October 2011, op-ed, Business Today Egypt. http://bit.ly/2G8vJw6

§   “Watching and worrying: Cairo's large expatriate community may be in shock after the terror attacks, but few feel unsafe,” Sept. 20, 2001, Cairo Timeshttp://bit.ly/2u647mt


Internet articles (writer)

§  “Dangerous for Egyptians, Perhaps, but Not for Us—Until Last Week.” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.  February 2011.  http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/dangerous-for-egyptians-perhaps-but-not-for-us-until-last-week

§  “Creative Suggestions for Settling the Non-Election,” updated November 29, 2000. Column on Internet Broadcasting Systems (IBS) websites. http://bit.ly/2GaEmWZ

§  “The Never-Ending Election.” November 10, 2000. Column on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2DJKZdu

§   “RECOUNT SHRINKS BUSH LEAD TO 327, BUT GORE CAMP PLANS BALLOT CHALLENGES,” November 10, 2000. Article on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2DJHZxI

§  “ELECTION STUNNER: TOO CLOSE TO CALL” November 8, 2000. Article on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2HNyAYv

§  “Convention Loser: The Media?” August 22, 2000. Q&A column on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2DJdoAr

§   “Politics, Religion Mix for Readers,” August 14, 2000. Q&A column for IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2u83zwy

§  “In The End, GOP Won Message War,” August 6, 2000. News analysis on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2u78g9H

§  “Elder Bush Arrives; Protests Heat Up,” August 6, 2000. News article on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2ptFElz

§  “Exclusive Four-Word Interview With Bush Sr.!” August 5, 2000. Column on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2ICp63D

§  “You Asked, We Answer: Bush's 'Inclusivity'” August 3, 2000. Q&A column on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2DIPdCm

§  “McCain Loses His Cool,” July 31, 2000.  News analysis on IBS websites. http://bit.ly/2FR61gn


Newspaper articles (writer)

§  “Willard Munger’s long walk: State Rep. Willard Munger is confronting cancer with the same stubbornness he employed to push Minnesota to the forefront of environmental regulation for half a century,” May 2, 1999. Duluth News-Tribunehttp://bit.ly/2FWApSp

§  “So far, so good for Ventura,” February 19, 1999, Duluth News-Tribune. http://bit.ly/2HSmRI4

§  “Governor Ventura,” January 5, 1999, Duluth News-Tribunehttp://bit.ly/2FSCQJS

§  “Celebrity in Chief,” December 28, 1998, Duluth News-Tribunehttp://bit.ly/2G1bT2q

§  “Jesse jolts third-party legitimacy,” November 6, 1998, Duluth News-Tribunehttp://bit.ly/2u8TpeY

§  “After the victory, reality,” November 5, 1998, Duluth News-Tribunehttp://bit.ly/2HUOzEm

§  “Body slam! Ventura: ‘We shocked the world,’” November 4, 1998, article in Duluth (Minnesota) News-Tribune. http://bit.ly/2FQK3tZ

§  “Political underdog reforms state politics,” November 4, 1998, Duluth News-Tribunehttp://bit.ly/2prlpF4

§  “Hoping to Put Common Sense into Practice: Ventura Using Celebrity Smarts,” October 28, 1998, and more than 50 articles about Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, September 1998 to June 1999, Duluth (Minn.) News-Tribune. http://bit.ly/2IISWUc

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